Cover Reveal for ONE OSTARA SUNRISE and The Benevolence Tales FAQ! <3

I’m surrounded by tissues and cups of tea and nursing an obnoxious little cold, so what better time to make a post of happiness to cheer things up a bit?  ❤

Your support for the release of the continuing adventures of a mediocre witch and a once-outcast shapeshifter in love has been overwhelmingly wonderful.  ❤  One Imbolc Gloaming, the second in the Benevolence Tales was released last week, and though I went on the faith that it probably wouldn’t be one of my bestsellers and wrote it anyway (as was previously mentioned: when you make your entire living from writing, you have to be very, very selective about what you write–you have to think about putting bread on the table.  With The Benevolence Tales, all I thought about was putting roses on the table, too.  <3), you were supportive, you talked about it, you bought it.  ❤  Thank you so much for that.  It’s magic when you see something that you put your heart into be responded to and in such a positive, wonderful way.  Thank you so much for being, guys.  ❤

If you read One Imbolc Gloaming, you noted at the end that the adventures would continue at the end of February in my next release, One Ostara Sunrise!  And today, I have a cover reveal and description reveal for you.  ❤

Isabella Fox, mediocre witch for hire, and Emily Deer, the once outcast shapeshifter, fall deeper in love as winter keeps its tight grip on their charming little town of Benevolence. But winter should be vanquished soon, as the first day of spring–Ostara–drifts ever closer. Things are just never that simple in Benevolence.

As the festival of Ostara begins, Isabella and Emily hear a strange animal sound echoing from the top of Glimmer Mountain. Every year on Ostara all the townsfolk of Benevolence journey to nearby Mirror Lake, where they peer into the depths of the waters to see a moment of happiness from their coming year. But the lake itself is not enchanted–the creature that rises from its long winter sleep, that descends from the mountaintop and blesses the lake, is what gives it its magic. And this year, for the first time in millenia, the creature has not come.

The ritual of gazing into the lake is not essential to the Ostara festivities, but without the strange creature to enchant its waters, other things begin to go wrong, and as Isabella and Emily journey to the top of the mountain to find the creature, the existence of spring and the end of winter hangs in the balance.

The novella One Ostara Sunrise is a magical lesbian love story, and the third in THE BENEVOLENCE TALES series.

Add One Ostara Sunrise on!

(Prepare for the continuing adventures of Isabella and Emily in One Ostara Sunrise, coming late February 2013!  Please sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know when it’s released!)

There were many questions I was asked during the release of One Imbolc Gloaming, and quite a few times each, so I thought it would be helpful to compile them into a FAQ so that you have a heads up about some changes coming to the print availability of things, and other notions.  ❤

When is One Imbolc Gloaming coming out in paperback?

When I first released the very first Benevolence Tale, One Solstice Night, I was still learning about what I wanted to do with print releases.  Several fans asked for a print version of OSN, and because I’d had plans to continue the series but didn’t have an ETA as to when that would be, I created a paperback version of the novella.  But I wasn’t happy with it.  A novella is, of course, much shorter than a novel, and the paperback version was very thin and, I thought, flimsy feeling because it was so short.

Now that I’m continuing the Benevolence Tales, there’s no reason any longer to keep the print version of OSN available, and I’ll be making the One Solstice Night paperback version unavailable for sale at the end of this month (February) because I’ll be offering the first three tales in a printed volume.

A print volume?  What are the details on that?

The first Benevolence Tales print volume, will contain One Solstice Night, One Imbolc Gloaming and One Ostara Sunrise.  I don’t have an ETA on that, but I know it’ll probably be released sometime in March.  ❤  (I’m also ridiculously excited because the cover artist that I asked to come on this project with me is an extremely close friend who also happens to be a jaw-dropping artist.  Details on that coming soon!  <3).  

Thank you so much for understanding about the print novella being discontinued–I think that this volume will be a beautiful addition to the Benevolence Tales series, and will make me completely satisfied with all of my print offerings.  🙂  ❤

Wait! I want to buy a signed copy of One Solstice Night–can I still do that?

Yes!  🙂  I have three available in our Etsy shop, but once they’re gone, I have no others available.

Why does it take longer for the Barnes and Noble links of the book to become available?

I’m so sorry about that.  This time around, the B&N links were much later than usual.  I, unfortunately, can’t make the book appear on B&N at the same time as the Amazon and Smashwords links.  I add the book to the sites as early as I can before release day, but it’s not as early as I’d like most times.  Thank you so much for being so patient with this, Nook lovers.  ❤

I’m a Pagan who found your books through word of mouth–are you really Pagan, and did you really put Pagan elements in the Benevolence Tales?

Yes I am, and yes I did (though anyone can read these books <3).  I talk about this in more detail in my post In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust: On the Benevolence Tales + Lesbian Fiction + Pagan Fiction.


If you have any questions about the Benevolence Tales, the releases or anything at all, you can always contact me.  ❤


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  1. Arielle says:

    *squee* I’m so happy this series is starting up again! <33 I can't wait for the first omnibus to come out. 😀 I can't wait to see what the cover art looks like! 😀 ❤

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