Announcing: ONE IMBOLC GLOAMING, the Second Book in the Benevolence Tales! <3

Once upon a time, there was a novella written about a very mediocre young witch named Isabella and the beautiful outcast shapeshifter Emily she fell in love with. It was called One Solstice Night, and though it’s never been a best seller, the people who read it and fell in love with it are among the most vocal and treasured of my fans and friends.

I’ve been under some very hard novel deadlines lately (for the other name I write under <3), but I’ve never stopped thinking about my little novella series. One Solstice Night was supposed to be the beginning of an entire series of novellas, The Benevolence Tales, that would follow the wheel of the year and Emily and Isabella as they encountered many adventures. I had so very many of their adventures half finished and waiting for me to get five seconds to rub together and lace them up together, and when I’d finished the most recent novel, I’d sat back for a moment (just a moment! No rest for the fairy!) and thought: goodness, I’d like to see about finishing one of those.

So I’ve set the deadline and set the wheel in motion, and it’s begun. ❤

The Benevolence Tales are my favorite stories I’ve written to date. I know I tend to wax hyperbolic about a lot of my work (you have to love what you do, or your heart’s going to be nowhere near to “in it”), but it’s very true about these two women and their adventures. The Benevolence Tales has the vocalest group of fans and friends, and–at the end of the day–these stories are warm and magical and I cherish them fiercely because they are exactly what I wanted in the world. And that’s why I set out to write them.  And though they’re not best sellers, I still wrote them anyway (when you make your entire living from writing, you have to be very, very selective about what you write–you have to think about putting bread on the table.  With The Benevolence Tales, all I thought about was putting roses on the table, too.  <3).

So yes, I took a step back from my other deadlines and projects, and I’ve done ONE IMBOLC GLOAMING, and on Thursday of next week…you’re going to be able to go on that adventure, too. ❤ I hope you’ll share it with me.

Isabella Fox, mediocre witch for hire, and Emily Deer, the once outcast shapeshifter, have fallen deeply in love. But in the sleepy little town of Benevolence, Emily still feels like an outsider, and, as winter rages on, her wanderlust sharpens.

When the winter festival of Imbolc draws near, Isabella makes preparations for her yearly pilgrimage to Lunarose Abbey, where she and her friends, since their Academy days, have always participated in the annual Imbolc play and kept candlit vigil to the Rose Goddess. This year, Isabella asks Emily to come with her but warns her about the abbey’s odd quirks–like the fact that it’s haunted by a lovelorn ghost.

Every Imbolc night, the ghost roams the ancient halls of Lunarose Abbey, and now Isabella and Emily find the threads of a centuries-old mystery that they long to unravel. But time is running out for a love affair several hundred years in the making…

The novella “One Imbolc Gloaming” is a magical lesbian love story, and the second in THE BENEVOLENCE TALES series.

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One Imbolc Gloaming will be released February 7, 2013! Sign up to my newsletter to be notified before everyone else when it becomes available! ❤


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Author of fantasy, fairy tale, science-fiction and paranormal lesbian romances.
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