Download CRUMBS: A Lesbian Hansel and Gretel for FREE! (Part of Sappho’s Fables)

We’re moving forward with the stories in the second volume of Sappho’s Fables: Lesbian Fairy Tales, and I wanted to get a jump on the idea that my wife, Jenn (my co-author on the series! <3) and I had had: make Crumbs: A Lesbian Hansel and Gretel, the first of Sappho’s Fables, available for free–and we have! You can now download Crumbs for free at Smashwords. 🙂

I wrote Crumbs in February/March of this year as I left my day job and grew into my role as a full time author–it was my lifelong dream to do this, and–as such–Crumbs holds a very special place in my heart. Writers always remember what they were feeling, and where they were in their lives for every single piece of work they put out, but Crumbs is very special to me because it encapsulates that lifelong dream achieved, and the great vitality and hope I experienced during those days.

If you haven’t yet read Crumbs and do enjoy it for free, please consider reading the rest of our Sappho’s Fables–I think you”ll love them. ❤

Greta’s never ventured beyond the refuge of the Heap. Outside, the Ragers lurk, ever hungry and hunting. But Greta and her brother, half-starved and now alone, must risk death for the dream of safety they hope to find within the metal forest. Once there, nothing is as it seems: in the confines of a crumbling old candy factory, the woman who rescues them with sweet words and sweeter treats harbors a dangerous secret.


About elorabishop

Author of fantasy, fairy tale, science-fiction and paranormal lesbian romances.
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2 Responses to Download CRUMBS: A Lesbian Hansel and Gretel for FREE! (Part of Sappho’s Fables)

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  2. booktwerp says:

    Thanks for the free download. Quite generous of you.

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