The Very Big, Epic Post of Lesbian Fairy Tales and Awesomeness: Sappho’s Fables, Volume 1 and the Novellas of Volume 2!

So my wife, author Jennifer Diemer and I are well under way in our ambitious (read: slightly CRAZY AND SPARKLY) project known as Sappho’s Fables, where we take many of the most well known and beloved fairy tales and retell them from a lesbian perspective.

A recap! March saw me releasing the first novella of the series, Crumbs: A Lesbian Hansel and Gretel. My second Sappho’s Fables novella, Braided: A Lesbian Rapunzel, came out in April, and a few days ago, Jenn released Seven: A Lesbian Snow White. This means that all three novellas in our first volume are now out, and the first volume can be released!

This Thursday, June 7th, marks the release date of Sappho’s Fables, Volume 1, which will contain all three novellas: Crumbs, Braided and Seven! It will be available in all eReader formats, and in print!

(SPARKLE NOTE! So, I have a feeling that this book will be out in the wild before the actual release date–maybe a day or two before! We wanted to do something special for our mailing list subscribers–we’re going to be sending out a letter the MOMENT we see the book out in the wild, so those subscribed will get a chance to get to the book first! Want to be on the list? It’s a simple signup–we just need your name and email addy, and you’ll be the very first to know! <3)


With Sappho’s Fables, Volume 1 almost released, this means that the novellas from Volume 2 are coming! (“Wait, volumes? Huzzah!” you say. Yes! To see the stories and titles, and the volumes coming up, look to the bottom of the page here!

So, without further ado, we’re revealing the covers for the novellas of Volume 2! As with the last volume, each novella will be released individually, until they are collected together in one volume: Sappho’s Fables, Volume 2! ❤ (As before, I’m writing two of the novellas in the collection, my wife Jenn is writing one. <3)

We already revealed Shimmer: A Lesbian Rumpelstiltskin to you, but here it is again, in case you missed it! ❤

Follow the Wolf: A Lesbian Little Red Riding Hood

Thirteen: A Lesbian Twelve Dancing Princesses

And the compilation’s cover! Sappho’s Fables, Volume 2! ❤


Jenn and I can’t express how grateful we are for the resounding and incredible support people have given Sappho’s Fables. It’s been both humbling and gratifying to see how deeply these resonate with not only members of the GLBTQ community, but with straight people as well. Our fans encompass a broad spectrum of humanity, and every day, we are grateful for the encouragement and the overwhelming awesomeness you bring to the table in support of our work. I know I keep saying it, but I have to keep saying it, because it’s true: we couldn’t do ANY of what we’re able to without you, and your unending and dauntless love of what Jenn and I are trying to do here: put out stories about ladies who love ladies, who know a little magic and monsters, who kick butt and take names. Thank you from our hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤


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3 Responses to The Very Big, Epic Post of Lesbian Fairy Tales and Awesomeness: Sappho’s Fables, Volume 1 and the Novellas of Volume 2!

  1. Love love love! I will definitely buy the print version of Sappho’s fables. I am truly loving this series.

  2. Arielle says:

    I absolutely love the covers, especially “Thirteen” and “Sappho’s Fables, Volume 2”! Stunning! I can’t wait for excerpts. 😀 ❤

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